Sales Craft Workshop

Learn powerful strategy and tactics for selling, based on proven human behaviour. A powerful tool, in any sales team (or persons) strategy or sales tool kit.

Designed to introduce new sales craft skills and build fluency for sales people to close high value sales faster. As a Sales person you will learn a series of skills and techniques then practice the skills with fluency exercises so you will be ready to deploy them in the field on your return.

The purpose of this course is to increase sales people's value selling, this will be delivered through the following outcomes:

  • Sales people will be able to identify conflicts and create win-win solutions
  • Sales people will be able to effectively identify the buyers current position in the sales cycle and move them forward through the cycle
  • Sales people will be able to rapidly build trust and a track record of integrity
  • Sales people will be able to focus on selling solutions that solve the customers problems shifting towards value sales away from selling on price
  • Sales people will be able to productise their offering to move ahead of the traditional service selling

The best recipients of this workshop are persons responsible for sales strategy and tactics, sales people looking to rapidly advance how they work with customers and prospects


More Information: 
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