Sales Module Workshop

The Sales Module Workshop (SMW) is a Must Attend course for those wanting to use the CW1 Sales & CRM module to drive sales, sales activities and CRM functions to grow their business...Spaces are limited, book early to avoid disappointment!!

This course is designed to provide attendees with the system skills necessary for managing their pipe line. Attendees will learn the system functionality then practice the skills with fluency exercises so you will be ready use the system immediately in your workplace. The purpose of this course is to increase sales pipeline visibility whilst enabling salespersons to be competent in system usage.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Attendees will be able to understand and enter Inquiries
  • Attendees / Sales people will be able to manage and report on opportunities
  • Attendees / Sales people will understand how to use Communication Manager and link that into related jobs.
  • Attendees / Sales people will have the skills necessary to deliver Campaigns to a targeted client base
  • Attendees / Sales people will have a deep understanding of the commission structure functionality

The best recipients of this workshop are persons responsible for sales efforts, sales support, sales management.